The Life-Sized City Blog: Daily Bike Traffic Volume in Copenhagen

Okay, okay, maybe all these stats are a bit boring… but I find them interesting. But remember you can always pop over to the Cycle Chic for a little respite from the stats.

The map of Greater Copenhagen is from the Bicycle Audit 2006 [Cykelregnskab 2006] from Copenhagen City Council. It shows how many bikes are on the bike lanes and streets each day between 06:00 and 18:00. The thickest red lines show that over 20,000 bikes are using the infrastructure on those routes.

Indeed, rush hour on bikes is something you see on weekdays. 100+ bikes lined up at traffic lights on the bike lanes, waiting to move towards or away from work or school.

For reference, there are over 500,000 cyclists on the streets every day. 36% of 1.7 million citizens.Not for nothing are city councils around the world talking (dreaming) of "copenhagenizing" their cities by planning (hopefully) bike lanes and bike infrastructure.For more info, stats and inspiration, see the Blog Categories links on the right column.

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