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I recieved an invitation to an event here in Copenhagen on Thursday at KPH Projects. The event is called Views of Detroit - Exploring film in urban planning. It's about three students from Roskilde University who made a film about Detroit. The trailer is above. They'll highlight a city that was home to the Big Three - Ford, Chrysler and GM and that gave the world Motown and Techno. A city that lost half of its population in just 50 years and where this year alone 3000 houses will be torn down. A city that has the fantastic potential to be the first large city in the world to produce all of its foodstuffs within the city limits. A city that is fighting economic meltdown and brutal budget cuts. A city with a blossoming underground and art scene.

The event can be found at this Facebook group.

Here's the corner of Woodward Avenue and Monroe Avenue, Detroit, in 1917. Human streets, public transport. This photo features in the book Fighting Traffic - The dawn of the motor age in the American city, which I've written about yesterday and previously.

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