Updated 26.10.2023

10 January 2011

International Bicycle Infrastructure: Sancti Petri, Spain

Copenhagen bike lane in Spain

Our friend and fashion blogger Raquel from Gratis Total in Spain is also a prolific bike culture correspondant for Copenhagenize.com. Whenever she travels around Spain she photographs the various facilities.

She took this photo of a "Copenhagen lane" on her summer holidays. Not in any large European city, it is worth mentioning, but in a lovely little town called Sancti Petri in the Cadiz province in the South of Spain. Not far from Gibraltar.


Copenhagen bike lane in Spain

"The bicycle is used for everything in this area. For shopping, for going out at night and for going to the beach", she reports. Sounds like a Copenhagenize hotspot to us.


biking to the beach in Spain