- Bicycle Culture by Design: Snowploughs Clearing Bike Lanes

I shot this this morning from my flat. Another snowstorm had rolled across the city and, on Saturday morning, there was snow to be removed. About 15 cm. This is, I supppose to the Ultimate Bike Lane Snow Clearance Blogpost. In the mid-morning these vehicles appeared. They are little busy little wasps, buzzing up and down the street. Because of the amount of snow, there were two of them, working in tandem. First a snowplough, then a sweeper. Up and down the street. It took more than one pass to get all the snow off the bike lanes. They were also clearing the sidewalk on the other side of my street, as it is not a private building that is required to clear the snow themselves, like ours, for example.

But then later in the day, the vehicles were still at it and I saw them clearing the sidewalks where they aren't actually required to do it. Which is very cool. The plough was pushing the snow onto the bike lane and then the sweeper pushed it very into the parked cars.

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