Updated 26.10.2023

03 December 2010

Mount Copenhagen and Danes in Space

The whole day at the TED x Copenhagen event was brilliant. Here are a couple of ideas worth spreading. Firstly... Mount Copenhagen. What started as a novel is now being considered in reality. The construction of a mountain just outside of Copenhagen.
Mount Copenhagen will be 3500 m high. It will have a circumference of 55 km, take 200 years to build, and cost in the area of $
Brilliant! See the talk for more.

Then there are the Danes in Space. Two amateurs are planning to send themselves into space in their own home-made rocket.

What fantastic inspiration. "It can't be done" is always the best reason to do it. These chaps heard that building a fully-functional submarine "couldn't be done" but now they've built a few of them. Here's a photo I took of one of them.