Updated 26.10.2023

24 December 2012

Copenhagen Christmas Tree Transport by Bike

Heidis Christmas Tree_2

Update: 18 Dec 2013
Lulu and I were on the spot when one of her teachers, Heidi, was buying her tree and taking it home. She borrowed one of the many bike trailers at the school to do so.

Heidis Christmas Tree_3

Standing nice and tall in the Copenhagen evening.


Christmas Tree Transport_1

Typical. Write a blog post and then two bikes with christmas trees roll past your window. So here's an update.

Above: Sorte Jernhest cargo bike, complete with tree and kid wearing an elf hat heading home in the evening. Fantastic.


Christmas Tree Transport

This lady rolled past my window pulling her tree on a trailer.


Christmas Tree Bicycle 03

Getting close to Jul here in Copenhagen. Christmas tree sellers are occupying squares all around the city. Many people use their bicycles to get the tree home.

Here's a collection of the shots we have of people moving their trees home by bike.

This lady had just bought a jule tree and the seller was helping her strap it to her bicycle. It took some work and discussion but they finally succeeded. She didn't have far to go, so she walked her bike with the tree attached.

Christmas Tree Bicycle


Christmas Tree Bicycle 02


Christmas Tree Bicycle 04

Here are some more photos from the archives:

Copenhagen Yule

This gent was followed by two kids and his wife on bikes behind him on the cycle track. Heading home with the family tree.


Juletree - Copenhagen Yule

You don't see many bicycle trailers in Copenhagen, but sometimes they do come in handy.


Long John Christmas Tradition in Copenhagen

Here's me and the kids a couple of years ago when we had a Longjohn to get around.


Felix and the Tree

It was a squeeze, but the kids love a squeeze. They had a ball.


Christmas Tree Transport

Smaller trees need no more than a bicycle to transport them.


Christmas Tree Transport


Evergreen - Cycling in Winter in Copenhagen


Copenhagen December 2013 Christmas Tree


Amsterdam Christmas

Amsterdam. 2012.


Christmas Tree by Bike

The New Yorker. 1942.