The Life-Sized City Blog: World's Most Liveable Cities 2010

I was perusing Monocle Magazine’s list of the World’s Most Liveable Cities. Here’s the top 20 for 2010.

01 Munich
02 Copenhagen
03 Zurich
04 Tokyo
05 Helsinki
06 Stockholm
07 Paris
08 Vienna
09 Melbourne 10 Madrid

11 Berlin

12 Sydney 13 Honolulu

14 Fukuoka

15 Geneva
16 Vancouver
17 Barcelona
18 Oslo
19 Montreal
20 Auckland
We'll always say that the bicycle is the most important and effective tool in our liveable toolbox. It's interesting to consider that all the cities in blue have respectable levels of Citizen Cyclists gracing their streets and cycle tracks. The cities marked in orange are working at increasing levels of bicycle traffic. At the very least we hear a lot about them in internet buzz. The three remaining are probably thinking about it, considering it, working a bit at it, but we don't feel the vibrations too often on the bicycle culture Richter scale.

Point? Bicycles feature prominently on the urban landscape of liveable cities. They are an integral part of the fabric of many of these cities.

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