- Bicycle Culture by Design: velo-city 2011

I recieved the First Announcment for Velo-City 2011 in Sevilla today. I particularly like the statistics they highlight so proudly - and rightly so.

The organization of Velo-city 2011 have the great pleasure in sending the first announcement of this year's edition, which will take place in Seville, Spain. Seville has been chosen to host Velo-City 2011 on the grounds of the recent success of the development of the Director Plan for Bicycles in the City, as shown below:


2006 - 12   KM - 6000 BICYCLE USERS
2010 - 120 KM - 60,000 BICYCLE USERS Therefore, Seville has become an example to those cities worldwide that did not have an established "bike as a means of transportation" culture, proving that a rapid and efficient transformation is feasible. We are looking forward to welcoming you in Seville. You can check the first announcement by clicking on the following link.

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