The Life-Sized City Blog: "Go Bicycle Before It's Too Late" Poster Exhibition in Copenhagen

This Friday, Sanitov Studios is opening their “Go Bicycle Before It’s Too Late” exhibition here in Copenhagen, featuring artwork from a variety of artists and designers who designed posters based on a single theme. I have a poster in the exhibition, too.

Sanitov Studio and Sons of Studio are happy to invite you to attend the Sanitov Studios exhibition, “Go Bicycle Before It’s Too Late”. The exhibition will present art and design related to sustainable urban movement.The subject of sustainable living has received much attention over the last couple of years, and rightly so. Unfortunately, the issue is often presented exclusively in quantitative terms, with quotas, percentages and pie charts taking centre stage. Sustainability, however, is an aesthetic issue just as much as a statistical issue. To demonstrate this, Sanitov Studio has invited artists from Copenhagen, Barcelona, Tokyo, Montreal and London to interpret two of the main components of modern living – the urban landscape and human movement – from an aesthetical perspective. The exhibition will exhibit the artists’ interpretations and the audience is invited to take home replica-posters.

Sanitov Studio is a think-tank developing theories and designs related to urban living and sustainability. It is currently developing design concepts for bicycles, accessories and houseboats, which can accommodate the needs of urban dwellers. The exhibition will provide the first sneak-peak of the Sanitov Cargo-cycle 1. 0, a modern bicycle developed from a traditional Chinese cargo bicycle. Sanitov Studio exclusively develops theories and artifacts, which contribute to improving our urban environment both aesthetically and in terms of performance. As such, a big part of Sanitov’s repertoire is centered around collaborations with artists, designers and theoreticians.

Here's Copenhagenize/Mikael Colville-Andersen's version of the poster.What: Go Bicycle Before It’s Too LateWhen: 19-21 NovemberOpening: 19.11.2010 at 5.30 PM.

Where: Sons of Studio, Kødboderne 14

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