- Building Better Bicycle Cultures: Toronto's Rob Ford Hates Bicycles

Meet Toronto's new Mayor.We blogged this back in August, writing: "Um. Yeah. Okay... there are quite of few things that I could write. I think I'll just let Councillor Rob Ford from Etobicoke North in Toronto (Slogan: Working for the People) do it all on his own.The man is, apparently, running for Mayor. Dark days for the development of Toronto as a more livable city - using the bicycle as a tool to that end - if the likes of this chap get into power.Talk about ignoring the bull.

Thanks to Kevin for the link."

Dismal. But read this blog post from Curbside Cycles in Toronto. Hope ahead?

Is is time to listen to The Smiths? A push and a rush and the land thatwe stand on is oursIt has been before

So it shall be again

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