- Bicycle Culture by Design: Moving Flat by Bicycle in Vienna

Here's another great video of someone moving flats in Vienna by bicycle. The event was part of the EuroEnviro 2010 symposium. One of the workshops featured the challenge of moving the entire contents of a flat exclusively by cargo bikes. A young couple were moving and 12 volunteers from the symposium showed up to help them. Most of the volunteers had never ridden a cargo bike before.

It all went well!

The bikes were provided by several institutions, including Heavy Pedals - a courier company; Lastenradkollektiv - a collective that rents out cargo bikes to the public and a bike kitchen.

It was sponsored by a bicycle NGO, Radlobby, in Vienna.

You may remember my friend Jordi and his friends doing the same in Barcelona.

Great inspiration for Marc from who will soon be moving flats in Amsterdam.

Thanks to Peter in Vienna for the link.

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