- Bicycle Culture by Design: Motorist Ticketed - Motorist Stupid

There’s a campaign at the moment in conjunction with kids going back to school, mentioned in the previous post. I was pleased to see our local officer outside Felix’s classroom window ticketed an illegally parked car.

Yesterday the roundabout right by the school had a new feature. Nobody knows how but this motorist A. didn't see the roundabout and B. somehow managed to force his BMW up over the large rocks to rest in the middle of the island, somehow missing the tree. This happened in the afternoon, around three, when parents are picking kids up from school. The motorist apparently tried to get the car out but couldn't. He then disappeared. Perhaps to return today. The cop in the first photo was on it. He'll figure it out.

This is why we should have 20 km/h zones around our school - and every other one. At the moment it's 40 km/h. Madness.

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