The Life-Sized City Blog: London's Bike Share Programme

I've been in Melbourne to give a keynote at the brilliant State of Design Festival and then Abu Dhabi for some holiday and I regret the dry season on I arrived home a few hours ago and thought it appropriate to chuck a link up to a Guardian film and article about London's new bike share progamme, launched a couple of days ago. The Great Bike Hope for urban cycling in big cities, after the massive success of the Vélib in Paris.

The Guardian's Helen Pidd test drives the system in the film. Great insight into the bike share programme in the British capital. There's a bit of the typical whining about weight that is inherant in regions with too much focus on hobby cycling, but otherwise it's a great little film.

In other news, there is more Revenge of Car Industy with yet another car company continuing the regrettable tradition of promoting bicycle helmets. First there was the Volvo flop in the Netherlands and now FIAT is having a go. Yet another sign that the car industry feels threatened by bicycles and does all it can to brand cycling as more dangerous than it is.

While we're at it, here's an interesting article from The Herald about Melbourne's bike share programme flop. More on that, from my own POV, later.

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