- Bicycle Culture by Design: Where Proud Old Bike Brands Go to Die

A few years ago, many of the classic old bike brands in Denmark started to get bought up by a handful of companies. Some names disappeared but others were so ingrained in Danish bicycle history that they stuck, even if it was a massive company doing the selling. SCO is one of them.SCO - or Smith & Co. was founded by Robert Jacobsen and Ivar Smith in 1905 and for many years was among the most popular brand in Denmark. You still see classic SCO’s on the streets and they’re lovely machines, like their mini-bike version below, from the 1960’s.

A trend began not many years ago where bicycles started appearing in supermarkets, including many of the classic brands. Gone was the iconic sticker proudly proclaiming a 10 year guarantee on the frame and gone was that special sensation of buying a bicycle from a bike shop. Now it was broccoli, beer, butter and a bicycle. Like in the above photo from my local supermarket, where modern versions of the SCO are on sale like so many discounted cans of beans.


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