- Bicycle Culture by Design: Cargo Bike Race Course Announced

The upcoming Svajerløb 2010 - Danish Cargo Bike Championships - which is co-sponsoring now has a finalised course. There is an island in the middle of Copenhagen, surrounded by canals, on which the Royal Library and the Parliament are located. Most of the streets will be closed off so there will really be a good, old-fashioned street race feel to the day.1.3 km circuit, starting at the Royal Library by the harbour, heading down a dreadful Paris-Roubaix inspired cobblestone street, past the national parliament, down along the ancient stock exchange - Børsen - and back to the start area to load car tires, newspaper bundles, et al, on to the bikes for the final lap.

Any of you who are here for the Velo-City Global Bicycle Conference really should show up and, if you're up for it, sign up for the Team Relay. It's the most relaxed, folksy event of the day. It only costs 50 kroner [$10] to enter a team. You need a cargo bike, though. Check with Baisikeli Bike Rental.

I've learned that there will also be the Danish Championships in Brompton, as well! So be sure to enter that if you wish. Seven laps for the Bromptonites, but only one winner.

One thing is for sure, it'll be a great day out and if you're a visitor you'll never see so many cargo bikes in one place as you will that day.

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