- Bicycle Culture by Design: Thinking Differently & Leaders/Followers

A couple of great talks from featuring Derek Sivers. In relation to both our popular post by sociologist Dave Horton about Making Cycling Strange and to Brian Glover's observations about “Why do you choose to do something that, in the eyes of 95% of your society, marks you as a freak and a loser?” - this talk by Silvers offers up something for you and your personal meta-universe to chew on. Fortunately, urban cycling is much easier to tackle than Japanese addresses and Chinese doctors.

And here's a great talk by Sivers about How to Start a Movement. Again, fortunately, starting a movement like the Cycle Chic movement or even the concept of Copenhagenize (whatever that is) is considerably more straightforward than a lone goofy dancer on a hill. Even though cyclists in many countries are regarded as such. :-)

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