The Life-Sized City Blog: Love Seats on Copenhagen Buses

From this morning in Copenhagen over 100 buses will now feature Love Seats which will encourage Copenhageners to flirt more and, if lucky, score. The transport firm, Arriva, is following the increasing trend of companies branding themselves as singles-friendly. Buses on routes 3A, 4A, 150S, 173E and 350S now feature seats that are red, placed next to each other, where according to Arriva flirtacious, sexy glances and cheeky pick-up lines from both sexes are allowed.

“We would like to get people to change their behaviour and flirt and smile more on the bus. Maybe some will find love. Others may just want to try taking the bus because there is a chance to flirt with a good-looking guy”, says Marianne Færch, from Arriva.

Several experts agree that the red seats could very well become the most sought-after on the buses. Single life is no longer a tabboo, it’s an accepted part of modern life.

“We’ve moved away from our love lives being a private affair and single life as being sad. There is no loner a stigma attached to being single, because many people are single for periods of their life and we no longer shy away from the fact in public. There is much more visibility on the subject”, says Charlotte Kroløkke from the University of Southern Denmark.

“Te Love Seats are yet another example of companies branding themselves to the single market. Now a bus ride can be so much more than just A to B transport and that suits the current trend perfectly”, she says.

Via: DR

In other bus-related news from Copenhagen, on one bus route it’s now possible to take your bicycle on board.

All Copenhagen buses already have room for up to two baby carriages or wheelchairs on board and now bicycles are included on route 600S. Transport firm Movia are behind the intiative.

The route is a regional one, with longer distances than in the centre of the city, and many people cycle to the busstops. Now they’ll have the chance to take their bike with them. It’s worth mentioning that you can only take a bike or baby carriage or wheelchair on board if there’s room. When we head to the train station with our baby carriage we sometimes have to wait for the next bus on the weekends, because both spots are already filled.Nevertheless, it’s a nice move, even though I can’t see many people bothering to do it.

Via Lokalavisen and thanks to Claus for the link.

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