Updated 26.10.2023

03 May 2010

Demonstrating Cargo Bikes in Copenhagen

May 1st Flagship3

In many parts of the world May 1st is International Worker's Day and Denmark is no exception. The tradition of marching for workers rights dates back to the 1880's and it's a national holiday in many countries. In Denmark you get a half-day off. The traditional rally with speeches and music takes place in Fælledparken in Copenhagen but there is also a march through the city and I caught it outside of Larry vs Harry's shop.

Above is a man on a longjohn carrying the flag of Christiania, the squatters freetown established back in 1972. It's often synonomous with the left of centre movements.

It was a drizzly day but several thousand people hit the streets to celebrate the day. What amazed me was the number of not only bicycles but cargo bikes. There are an estimated 30,000 cargo bikes in Copenhagen and it seemed that most were in the demonstration. A fantastic display.

May 1st Shopping Trolley Bicycle

Here's a homemade shopping trolley bicycle.

May 1st Bicycle Sailing2
May 1st Bicycle Sailing
May 1st Christiania Bike Brolley Girl

Two example of sailing bicycles sailed past. The first a homemade four-wheeler, the second a longjohn with a sail that looked like a jolle. Perhaps even a well-positioned umbrella gives an extra boost.

May 1st Crowd
May 1st Music Man

Music is an important part of any demonstration and there were a long line of cargo bikes blasting cool tunes, like these two, above.

May 1st Coolness
May 1st Christiania Bike Couples

For the most part there were cargo bikes performing their classic workhorse duties, carrying friends and family on the festive route through the city.

May 1st Cargo Bike Heaven
May 1st Tricycle Threesome


May 1st Cargo Bike Amigoes


May 1st Red Tide


May 1st Christiania Bikes



Here's another demonstration a few years ago, with the bicycle firmly in focus.