The Life-Sized City Blog: Bicycle Infrastructure Creativity and Details

I like details like this. Even when you have a big, bad-ass book featuring all the Best Practice for bicycle infrastructure - (How many cars on that street each day? What’s the speed limit? Right… turn to page 86 for your bicycle lane, please) - there is often the need and possibility for details that fit one particular spot. It’s where bicycle traffic planners get to be creative. This bicycle turn lane is in the Danish city of Roskilde, outside the train station. Like every other Danish city, there are bike lanes. Separated or painted, depending on the traffic volume. Most traffic here continues straight on but there are those who need to turn left. Take out a little piece of sidewalk and wiggle in a turn lane. Sweet.

This one features a button for the cyclist to press when they need to turn. There's no irritating waiting time, it's a quick, efficient process. Perfect for Citizen Cyclists on their way through the town.

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