Updated 26.10.2023

17 April 2010

The Volcano Victimisto's Stupid Idea

So. Here's the stupidest idea I've had in many years.

As a Volcano Victimisto, stuck in Barcelona, there is little chance of getting home. Staying at this four star hotel in this amazing city is quite cosy, to be honest. Like I've tweeted, it's not a bad place to be stranded.

There are no flights and no idea when we can fly. The volcano is belching a bit extra day and there are reports that there is five or six more days with ash. There are no seats on international train departures from Spain until Wednesday. Busses are booked as well and car rentals are, too.

But so here's me thinking...

If I could get to Toulouse, in south-central france, I might have a better chance of getting a train.

So. By bike? Some of you readers know about this sporty side of cycling. How many kilometres a day could I average? Sure, there's the Pyranees. And so what? They're just a stiff headwind off the Baltic Sea. I might need a couple of extra gears.

This is in no way a launch party post. I'm just toying with the idea. Chuck your sporty cycling advice into the comments to help me consider the idea.

I'll need a bike, but we'll see what we can scrounge up in Barcelona.

Hmm. I'll get another bottle of vino tinto from the minibar.