The Life-Sized City Blog: Volcano Victimisto part 3

i've been trying to get to prague, in order to speak at the national cycle conference on wednesday, which wasn't really feasible on a bicycle... :-)The conference is co-hosted by the Danish embassy, so if neither me nor Jan Gehl can show up, it's kind of a shame.turns out the Danish embassy there have a ticket for me via brussels tomorrow. IF the airport in brussels is open then. if I miss that window then it's just a question of trying to get home to Copenhagen.I have another option which is borrowing a friend's car and driving to Prague, but then I'll have drive it back to Barca... and then I'm stuck here again.A car rental company has a few cars left in the luxury class. I could get an Alfa Romeo Spider, cabriolet, and drive to Prague. But on top of the price to rent it, there is a one way drop-off charge of €3600 !! Money makes the world go round.Bus companies are sending busses south to pick up Danes all over Europe. The price for a bus seat and 24 hours on the bus home? €275-300. Money makes the world go round.Heard of a Danish family with two kids here at my hotel in Barca that bought a car. Simply bought one and drove it home.Thanks for all the helpful and interesting comments about the bike option to get into france.Hans from Larry vs Harry was trying to arrange a Bullitt Rescue Chain for me. He put together a list of 20 Bullitt owners all along the route from Barca to Copenhagen. Maximum distance was about 150 km between Bullitt owners all though France and northwards.

Would have been cool if I had the time to ride all the way home. Would take a month or so, but hey.

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