The Life-Sized City Blog: The Draisine is Back!

I’ve seen all manner of retro stuff - retrocity, to coin a word (rhymes with velocity/atrocity)- in this booming bicycle age but how wonderful to see a new Draisine! No, no… they’re not pedals, they’re footrests. Carl von would be so proud.As seen in Barcelona.And thank Odin for the spotting, ‘cause I’ve been wondering for ages how I’d work this next bit into a blogpost.

Photo from the IVCA website.

From June 2-6, 2010 Denmark will be hosting the 30th IVCA rally on the island of Møn! (International Veteran Cycle Association... duh)

From the website:

The Danish Vintage Bicycle Club will present an engaging programme, in which you will be able to partake of Danish cuisine. [EDITOR'S NOTE - Nobody has ever come to Denmark for the cuisine.]

You will also get a taste of the island’s past in its famous cliffs, whose interesting geological formations are mingled with the remains of prehistoric wildlife. [EDITOR'S NOTE: You'll be wanting to taste the cliffs after partaking of Danish 'cuisine']

Other highlights include: The rally will centre at the village hall of Hjertebjerg. You can look forward to taking part in a Century ride with shorter alternative routes, a picnic ride to the cliffs of Møn, a show-and-tell event at the local school, an excursion event with sightseeing divided into groups, a costume ride to the market town of Stege followed by a gala evening, in addition to traditional events such as the AGM and the flea market. There will be a flea market for those not attending the AGM. There will also be an extra surprise for all participants; disclosed at the evening "hygge-hour".

The Nordic medieval town of Stege, dating back to the thirteenth century, has bags of atmosphere in its narrow streets, not to mention the tempting regional specialities of beer, candy, pottery, art, etc.

The dinners will be served by a local Chef who is very well-known for the traditional Danish Cuisine and has been praised several times by media as well as by the customers. The same Chef will also serve the three included lunch meals. The Danish Cuisine is known for pork, calf, ox, fish and vegetables.

After registration the opening ceremony will take place and there will be a briefing for the great event of the evening – the World Championship.The Championship will be held in three different classes:- Hobby Horses. Replicas are eligible for participating.- Ordinaries before 1900.- Ordinaries after 1900.
Online registration.

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