The Life-Sized City Blog: Do NOT Park in the Bike Lane!!!

A bus full of Dutch exchange students were stranded in the northern Danish city of Aalborg because an angry cyclist stole the keys to their tourist bus.The students stopped at a supermarket and their chauffeur parked illegally on the bike lane.This irritated a local cycling citizen so much that he first scolded the Dutch angrily and then went into the bus and took the key.

"He simply takes the key out of the ignition and then disappears. So we have a bus chauffeur without any keys to a Dutch coach", said Peter Redder fra North Jutland Police.

The Dutch were able to get the bus moved and had to spend an extra night while they waited for reserve keys to be sent from the Netherlands. The Dutch admitted that it wasn't clever not to have extra keys and that they realise they shouldn't have parked in the bike lane, but they weren't too thrilled by the episode.No, the photo above is not from Jutland, but Mexico City... sue me.

Via: P4 Nordjylland. Thanks to Kenneth for the link.

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