Updated 26.10.2023

02 April 2010

Brits Slaughter the Postal Bicycle

Cycle Chic: The Royal Danish Post

So the Brits are ditching their bicycle postmen. Royal Mail is calling it "modernisation" and citing "safety" as the reason. Over a century of not only tradition but also role models for urban and rural mobility will soon be lost. It's just mad.

Does anyone know which company will be providing the vans to replace the bicycles? Was there lobby work at play? Wouldn't surprise me.

With a sigh of disgust I just figured I'd chuck a whole bunch of photos of postmen and women in Copenhagen doing what they've done for over a century.


Copenhagen Post


Postal Service


The Post Doesn't Stop
Harbour Postman


Royal Danish Post
Postal Worker


Stylish Postal


Postal Carriers
Autumn Postman


Royal Post


Cycle Chic as Danish Stamp
danish stamp 2

And here's a spot of Cycle Chic on the left and a stamp celebrating Danish postal workers.