Updated 26.10.2023

23 April 2010

Bicycles and Bragging Rights

Thanks to our reader, Ken, for this advert from Batavus, the Dutch bike brand. He sent a link to David Hembrow's blogpost about the advert and the bestselling bikes in the Netherlands.

And David translated the throaty sounds emitting from the characters as this:

The first guy says "Hey neighbour, ESP, ABS, fog lamps, 16 inch rims and 6 gears."

The second guy says "28 inch rims, 8 gears, high power lights and computer integrated in the steering. My wife and daughter have the same."

We get our marketing priorities right in established bicycle cultures. :-)


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And while in the Netherlands, the policewoman in the previous post would probably just start shooting if she saw this roll past the school in the morning.
From the always excellent photo website by Thomas Schlijper.