Slow Motion Future

I was cycling home with my kids in a snowstorm the other day and my son Felix said, "It's like everything is slow motion!"He was right. Not only are sounds muffled in snowstorms, but the cars on our street were moving much slower than normal due to the storm and the thick snow.It actually looked quite nice. The motorists were rolling along at about 20-30 km/h for a couple of hours. It was calm, cool and collected. They were all probably staring at the road what with the ice and snow and reduced visibility, which added to the appeal.It was a stunning display of spontaneous traffic calming and it gave me a glimpse of what it would be like if the city lowered the speed limits to 30 km/h, like in so many other European cities.

Even in the snowstorm in the film, there were bicycles overtaking cars. How wonderful and human is that? Speed limits for cars that allow bicycles to overtake them. Brilliant.

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