- Bicycle Culture by Design: Copenhagen January Bicycles

Another little winter film from the streets and bike lanes of Copenhagen. Snow and sub-zero temperatures and the bicycles roll on. There's even TWO bike lane snowploughs in the film for the Bicycle Infrastructure Fetishists :-).In both instances you can see how the bicycle lane snowploughs push the snow away from the sidewalk, instead over onto the parked cars. Best illustrated in the second bit with a snowplough.Worth mentioning - because I've been asked the question a few times of late - that we don't used studded tires or any other gadgest or gizmos or extra gear in the snow. Just the same squeaky, wobbly and half-flat tires as the rest of the year.People just slow down. Simple as that. Riding straight in snow is hardly a challenge unless you're on super skinny racy tires - which you're not in the snow, duh - and on corners you just take it easy.

The number of bicycles is fewer when it snows, but there are easily still a couple of hundred thousand people riding their bicycles in Greater Copenhagen in this weather. I posted about it a couple of days ago and now here's some moving images.

I'm loving this winter so far. The lakes are frozen for skating, the landscape is white with snow, the air is bracing. Just like normal winters used to be - like the archive photo from 1947.

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