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Another Copenhagenize Mix of links:

Bike Snob NYC reports on a brilliant example of Ignoring The Bull, involving a celebrity.

Older post from BikePortland about what The Netherlands [and Denmark] can learn from Portland and Vancouver, what with falling cycling rates in both countries.

Risky cycling rarely to blame for bike accidents, study finds
Cyclists disobeying stop signal or wearing dark clothing at night rarely cited in collisions causing serious injury, The Guardian reports.
Link from Christopher and Elspeth.

NPR reports on cargo bikes [as though they're a new fangled thing] and how practical they are.
Link from Taras.

Scottish firefighters take to bicycles to spread awareness
Link from Kim.

Cartoon highlighting the importance of helmet-wearing.
Link from Rob.

Old School Culture of Fear cartoon from the New Yorker. It's the second cartoon in the slide show.

Two bike lanes welcomed in Philadelphia.
Link from Christopher.

Warning! Bicycles are not just for Christmas.
Bristol Traffic does it again.

The fantastically overcomplicated world of bicycle laws in New South Wales, Australia. Opens as .pdf.
Link from Martin.

And a quote:
"Health and safety may seem to be moral absolutes of our time, as religious dogma used to be, for naturally bossy people to throw their weight around."
Auberon Waugh


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