The Life-Sized City Blog: Copenhagenize Link Mix

It’s hard to keep up sometimes. Thanks so much to the many readers who send in links and tips and what have you. I apologise if I don’t have time to reply to all the emails. So here’s a little roundup, a potpourri if you like, of readers’ tips to bicycle/environment related internet goodness. The Copenhagenize Mix.

I'm Just as Safe Cycling Along to Motörhead

On cycling with headphones and 'iPod Zombies'. Link from Kevin.

Time's Up, Bike Bandits

On equality for everyday cyclists. Link from Kim.

Bringing Dapper Back to the Bike Lane - DC Tweed Ride

On the DC Tweed Ride. Link from Laura.

The Climate Pitfalls of Denmark's Electric Car Parking Perk

From Streetsblog via Todd at Green Idea Factory.

UN: Forget Terrorism, Try Crossing the Street

On how cars kills more people than malaria and diabetes. Link from George.

Cyclists are Not a Menace, say Ken Livingstone and I

On mainstreaming cycling. Link from Sheffield Cycle Chic

Audio slideshow “Cycling and the city in Copenhagen” by Robert Wright, “Financial Times”

Reportage from Copenhagen. Link from Arek.

Does Traffic Discourage Bicycling and Walking?

Link from Jeff at

Cyclist Fights Government in Australia

On yet another cyclist fighting helmet laws in Australia. Link from Alexander R Reid.

Interactive Video Installation: A History of Cycling in Brooklyn

Link from Eric Corriel.

Bike Passports for Students

On continuing to ignore the bull. Link from Sheffield Cycle Chic

Women Cyclists 'Risk Death' by Obeying Traffic Lights

On traffic safety - kind of. Link from Alf.

Copenhagenizing Indonesia?

Link from Gustar

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