The Life-Sized City Blog: Your Ass is Grass and I'm... Living Dangerously

Over at the Real Cycling blog, they’re onto to something big and important. According to a BBC article ‘Ride-on lawnmowers ‘injure thousands every year’’. 6,500 people a year are injured in the UK. 66,000 Americans have been injured over the past five years.Real Cycling has a plan. They have a list of important steps to be taken and how the lawn-mowing community can learn from cycling. Here’s a couple of their ideas:- Get message out that mowing is dangerous. Promote use of helmet, reflective gear, pollen mask etc.- Lobby councils to provide marked, separated mowing lanes in public parks.- Avoid wearing cleats unless proficient.

Pop over to Real Cycling and read the rest of the list and add your own in the comments. Let's save some lives. One reader has suggested starting a Critical Grass. Get your ideas heard.

Treehugger has inspiration for the daredevils out there who dare to combine the fantastically dangerous activity of cycling with the death wish that is lawnmowing. has earlier issued an injury alert about the danger of owning a pet. Might be worth a re-read. For safety reasons, of course.

Thanks to Gerry for the link.

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