Updated 26.10.2023

27 November 2009

Fretsche - Swiss Morphed Bicycles

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The Studie Bubentraum by Thomas Neeser.

Thomas in Switzerland emailed me a while back about his diploma project from Zürich's University of Art and Design. The project involved taking old bicycles and redesigning / morphing them into new and interesting forms. Quite brilliant designs, if you ask me - which you didn't.

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The Albisreiden Touring by Thomas Neeser.

The project was a great success and now Thomas continues his artistic and design journey by converting other peoples' bicycles. Thomas' website is www.fretsche.ch and while it's in German, if you click on Modelle on the menu, you can see a bike, mouse over the photo and see the original version.

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The Selnau Deluxe by Thomas Neeser.

This is my favourite. The Selnau Deluxe.

Congratulations to Thomas for winning a prestigious design prize at the Blickfang design and fashion event in Zürich last week.