- Bicycle Culture by Design: Cycle Logical Election Choice

Photo: Troels Heien - Copenhagenize Consulting

We go to the polls on Tuesday in our city and regional elections. There are the usual big parties, the usual smaller parties and then, unique to the local elections, there are the tiny parties.

The photo, above, is a campaign poster for the Cykel Logisk [Cycle Logical/Psychological... geddit?] Party. We've blogged about the man behind the Cykel Logisk Institut previously. Nice to see he's running again in Copenhagen.

These small parties add flavour and sometimes much-needed humour to the local elections.

I like the Nihilist People's Party. "It's all meaningless anyway so waste your vote on us."

They have hilarious posters on the streets. At left: Stop church bells! Fuck your salvation, we have hangovers. At right: Nothing Matters: except small, cute animals.

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