Updated 26.10.2023

18 October 2009

Positive Bicycle Advertising

Bicycles in Adverts

On my recent visit to France I noticed the bicycle on many different adverts and brochures. It's no secret that the bicycle has become high profile in advertising over the past year or so, but there were many positive images. Like this advert for Promod, an online fashion shop.

Bicycles in Adverts

Even on the cardboard sleeve that my room key came in at the hotel in Paris there was a happy cycling couple.

Bicycles in Adverts

At Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport, an advert for HSBC bank featured Asian urban cyclists.

Bicycles in Adverts

A brochure for the city of La Rochelle.

And from elsewhere, these adverts featuring the bicycle:

Killah Advert

Advert for the clothing company Killah.

Bike Trip

Tourism brochure for the Swedish province of Skåne [Scania].

Vodafone Advert

Advert for Vodaphone in Prague.

House of Fraser

Advert for The House of Fraser clothing store in London.

All this symbolism is, of course, good. Cementing the bicycle as a normal part of life and not merely reserved for 'enthusiasts'.

Are we approaching that all important tipping point in some regions? It seems so. Let's hope it is the case.

Message to brain after viewing them: Cycling is enjoyable, fun, social and acceptable.