The Life-Sized City Blog: Oprah in Copenhagen

Oprah was in town to try and help Chicago win the 2016 Olympics. Didn't go so well, but she had a programme last night about The World's Happiest People. There are bicycles in it, but it's an interesting portrait of the Copenhageners. "Less space, less things, more life" is what Oprah took away from her visit. Also it should be 'fewer things', but hey. Our relationship to the bicycle is not mentioned, but it applies. Simplicity. Ease of use. Practical. Efficient. The bicycle appeals to the Danish mentality for all these reasons. We like good design that is also functional.

The bit about Copenhagen starts at 2:00 into the clip. The Youtube clip may die at some point, so you can also see the full clips on

Here's part 2.

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