- Bicycle Culture by Design: Bike Lanes Create Jobs

According to the Danish daily Politiken cyclists can look forward to more money for cycling projects across the nation.

The political parties behind the traffic plan earlier this year are ready to push 100 million kroner [$20 million] forward in order to start cycling projects earlier. Projects scheduled for much later can be completed this year.

The main reason is to give the building industry a boost and create jobs as well as to be able to purchase materials that are cheaper because of the financial crisis.Basically... bike lanes being built to help the economy in this time of financial instability.

The photo, above, is a part of the national cycle route formed in the early 90's. It is standard in the countryside that there are bike lanes between towns. This is is between a town of 7000 people and another of about 10,000. The paths are set away from the road in rural areas, but still run parallel.

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