The Life-Sized City Blog: Lost Leader

Amusing reportage from New York Magazine about a bike ride the Danish Prime Minister took in New York’s Central Park the other day. Not exactly a svelte man, Lars Løkke Rasmussen does try to participate in various cycle sport activities, which is lovely.He rode to Paris from Copenhagen this year with a group of other politicians, riding road bikes and wearing cycling gear. Hey, it’s a long ride, why not. Makes sense. Here’s a picture of him chewing on a Danish pastry:

This new prime minister, it must be said, is the kind of guy you'd like to have a beer with, even though he is not in a party I would personally vote for. Too far right for my liking.

Nevertheless, a political commentator in Denmark shrewdly pointed out that it was odd that he strangely avoided being ridiculed for squeezing his round tummy into a lycra outfit when a former prime minister was ridiculed and, in effect, felled as leader of the country because he wore a bike helmet some years ago.

I just think it's great that the man went for a bike ride. Just like Obama did. Everything else is completely irrelevant.

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