Updated 26.10.2023

04 September 2009

Invisible Bicycle Racks

Bellahøj Swimming Pool Copenhagen

The new Bellahøj Swimming Stadium. Architect: Architema.dk

An interesting addition to the design is the bike racks embedded in the pavement all around the entrance to the stadium. It was early morning so there weren't any bikes to see. I think they look quite aesthetic. It's hard to make bike racks look nice.

Bellahøj Swimming Pool Copenhagen

And for every one hundred thousand cyclists who use these kinds of wheel racks, I'm sure that there's one man who will complain about 'wheelbending'. Such is life. Me, I just use my kickstand, personally.

National Bank Rack

Outside the National Bank - designed by architect Arne Jacobsen in 1970 - there are these racks, which are basically the same. Old school is new school.