European Union Backs Cycling

[addendum: seems cnn site is down now and then. Here's the link to the page with the film on CNN World Report.]

The European Parliament is now upping the stakes to increase funding for cycling in the EU. The European Cyclists Federation would like to see €1 out of every €10 spent on European urban infrastructure funding used for bicycle friendly initiatives. A group of Members of the European Parliament have now hopped on board.

Considering the fact that the European Union is the world's largest economy, you'd think that there was enough money to accommodate more bicycle infrastructure and projects. The European Cyclists Federation, which features in the piece, is Europe's premier cycling organization with 60 member organizations in 37 countries.

They are active in promoting cycling positively throughout Europe. In August 2009 they sent a response to the European Commission regarding the public consultation on the Evaluation and Revision of the Action Plan for Energy Efficiency.

The ECF asked the Commission to take into account the potential of cycling in the reduction of CO2 emissions instead of focusing mainly on car technology. It has been calculated that an increase of cycling modal share from 5 to 15% in Europe could save almost 50 million tonnes of CO2.

It's worth mentioning that while Brussels, featured in the film, is a hellhole for cyling, there are many cities and towns in Belgium that are lightyears ahead.

Via: CNN World Report.

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