The Life-Sized City Blog: Wham Ban

Uh oh. Oh dear. Oh my. The Helmetologists ain't gonna like this one.

This blogpost by one of our readers raises some interesting angles about how cycling is percieved in some [read: far too many] countries.

Be sure to read the whole post and be sure to understand the point. And be sure to comment over at Adrian's blog, since he's the one who wrote it. It all wraps up with this paragraph:

"Cycle helmets are the most visible and potent symbol of all that’s wrong with Britain’s (anti-)cycling culture. Cycle helmets say we cannot cycle without the right precautions, the right equipment, the right infrastructure, the right training. Cycle helmets say there must be more to cycling than a person, two wheels and the surface of the Earth. Cycle helmets say that cycling is more dangerous than not cycling. Let’s ban them now before it’s too late. Let’s lock up all the people who buy them, who sell them, who use them. Let’s drag them off to jail in handcuffs, in tears."

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