- Bicycle Culture by Design: Irish Bicycle Street Art and Poetry

Thanks to one of our readers, ‘Fantasy Jack Palance’, for sending us this photo of some Dublin street art.An old bicycle advert transformed into street art and poetry. Waxing melancholy for the good old days when the bicycle was a normal part of Dublin life.It appears to be a reworking of an exisiting poem or song. If so, anyone know the original? Whatever the case it’s brilliant and quite lovely.

A contrast to the also brilliant Enjoy Your Invisible Shit-ass Bikes stickers seen in Dublin previously.

Here's the text on the poster:A Bike in Town? In This Old Town?Dublin is fine but now I miss the emigration grounds.Running up the town, running down the town.Watch crowds flood that empty road.Cars grinding by block down.The vans they'll try to take you down.Cars and Blues on the right of town.But the Police don't mind you there.Lights at night no-one cares.One way streets no not one stare.Not one shout.Not one frown.Not one fool to cut you down.Seemed a nicer place, my bike and that sunny old town.Poor Dublin Town.

Damn but it drags me down.

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