The Life-Sized City Blog: Christmas in July on Bicycles

Photo: Brian L. Jensen for Lokalavisen FrederiksbergFor about 40 [extremely long] years the World Santa Claus Congress has been meeting each July in Copenhagen. Over 100 “authorised” Father Christmasses meet up to discuss the upcoming Yuletide season.

It's was a gimmick started by Dyrhavsbakken - the world's oldest amusement park located north of Copenhagen dating from 1583 - four decades ago and each summer all these guys travel about the city to events. They traditionally take a dip in the sea and this year they decided to go for a bike ride.

It's a crappy photo of a newspaper cover of a strange event but by god it's people on bicycles in Copenhagen so I'll blog that shit. And no, I have no idea who the geezer is on the left so don't ask. And if you know, don't tell me.

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