- Bicycle Culture by Design: football

Wherever large numbers of people congregate in Copenhagen, large numbers of bicycles are present.

Football matches are no exception. The National Stadium, Parken, is a magnet when the national team plays or when concerts are given but also when F.C. Copenhagen plays home matches.

F.C. Copenhagen won The Double last year and they get, on average, around 20,000ish spectactors for home matches. A lot of people drive to the match, but there is limited parking so in the hour or so leading up to a match, the streets are filled with people walking to the stadium from train stations and the bike lanes feature thousands of bicycles.

After a match it is textbook Slow Bicycle/Pedestrian Movement as people file slowly away from the stadium. Cars are often caught in the masses of pedestrians and cyclists, forced to inch slowly along. I don't know how many people arrive by bicycle but I'll guess that it's easily one third, if not more. I'll bet that just as many people again take public transport.

The film above was shot by my son Felix and I. In the bike portion, Felix was sitting in the box of our Bullitt cargo bike. It's dark, it's rainy but it just may give you an idea of the flow of bicycles away from the match. F.C. Copenhagen won 1-0 so the mood in the ocean of bicycles was good, despite the rain.

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