- Bicycle Culture by Design: Keep on Counting

Another new counter that the City of Copenhagen has put up, this time on the nation’s busiest bicycle street, Nørrebrogade.Indeed, it is said to be the busiest bicycle street in the Western world, with it’s 30,000-35,000 cyclists each day.At time of snapping there have been almost 160,000 cyclists riding past on this side of the street so the counter must have been up for a few days.While there have been counters up in Odense and Frederiksberg, here in Copenhagen it is a lot more fun seeing the massive numbers of cyclists being registered.

While I was sitting on a bench nearby, waiting for a friend, everyone walking past in pairs stopped up and said "wow... that's amazing...". And these are Copenhageners. We just ride, we don't really realise how amazing it is that we do it in such great numbers, all year round.

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