The Life-Sized City Blog: Bike the Strike in London

A 48 hour transit strike is bloody irritating for many. In London, the Tube workers went on strike last night, leaving 3 million Tube passengers looking for other options.

The downsides are many but these clouds often have a silver lining. When Paris was hit with strikes last year, it was amazing to see the number of bicycles on the streets. Now Paris is way ahead of London in the Emerging Bicycle Culture Metropoli Sweepstakes but here's me hoping that London will be transformed, if only for a day or two, into a more bicycle friendly city. And that the sight of the bicycles will open peoples' eyes to the possibilities.

If I was a bicycle advocate in London, I'd be rubbing my hands in glee. Indeed, London Cycling Campaign were quick to produce a webpage and even a poster.

And they've understand the simple task of marketing bicycles, too.

From The Guardian:

London's mayor, Boris Johnson, and Transport for London today announced a raft of measures to help. Extra buses and a free riverboat shuttle will be laid on, experts from the London Cycling Campaign will lead novices on routes from railway stations across the city, and extra cycle parking will be provided in the city centre. Offices and business premises are also expected to open up foyer and reception areas to cycle parking.

Go London! Bike the Strike!

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