- Bicycle Culture by Design: Motoring Helmets for REAL High-Risk Transport

Cool, light and comfortable.
Let’s just get one thing straight right off the bat. This is a real product, produced in Australia in the 1980’s by a company called Davies, Craig.

And I'm so pleased to know it exists. Chris from the CTC - Cycle Touring Club - which is Great Britain's cyclist advocacy group with 130ish years behind it, has this helmet in their offices and my mate Chris was kind enough to send me photos of it.

I can't describe the calm that has now settled over my soul now that I know true safety exists. The box reads: "You have made a sound decision to purchase your Davies, Craig Motoring Helmet. Wear it and don’t feel self-conscious. Driving even for the most proficient is dangerous.

Ultimately, motoring helmets will be commonplace, but in the meantime, you will be a leader whilst those who may consider your good sense misplaced, will follow."

Finally, with the quality Motoring Helmet, we can now begin active advocating of helmet use for motorists. Not only do those poor souls suffer higher levels of pollution inside their cars - compared to cycling next to them - but they also have a higher risk of head injury than safer activities like... um... oh i don't know... cycling. Just to pick a safe activity off the top of my head. Completely random. Honest.

Here's Chris trying it out in a car. Not his car, just a car. He doesn't even have a driving licence. From the instruction manual we can learn these important tips: "Davies, Craig recommends you wear your Motoring Helmet at all times when motoring but particularly at the following, documented high-risk times:

- After consuming any alcohol.

- When other drivers are likely to have consumed alcohol especially 4:00PM to 2:00AM Fridays and Saturdays. - After dark and during twilight. - In rain or when the roads are wet. - During long trips when you may become tired. - Within five kilometres of your home or destination. - Christmas, Easter and long weekends. - If you are aged under 25 or over 60."

What's even better, you can buy a Motoring Helmet just like this one on Ebay Australia! Hurry, hurry! Be the first!

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