- Building Better Bicycle Cultures: Strangely Positive Article on Cycling in Denmark

Now I’ve been keeping an eye on the Danish press over the past year or so. I always make a mental note of any article about cycling and several friends are good enough to send me or mail me articles on the subject.

It was strange to read this article from Søndagsavisen - a free, national newspaper that everyone gets through their letterbox whether they like it or not. It was strange because I had to read it twice to realise that it was completely positive. No fear-mongering, no 'oooh it's dangerous', no helmet rhetoric. Just a positive article about cycling. I'll buy the journalist a beer if I ever meet them.

The Danish media has engaged in one big blood orgy over the past year or more, focusing on anything and everything negative. For example, this post earlier this week. This article above is a ray of sunshine.

It's about Bech-Bruun, Denmark's largest law firm. I translated it roughly and briefly.

Barristers on Iron Horses [Danish slang for the bicycle]

The employees at Bech-Bruun are crazy about cycling to work. The number of sick days has plummeted and morale is soaring.

Many companies fight a daily battle to reduce the number of sick days. The employees at Bech-Bruun, Denmark's largest law film have literally sprinted away from illness.

[...] For example the company signed up many teams for the national We Cycle to Work campaign and different teams within the company compete, which is perfect for the kind of work we do, says Merete Honoré, head of HR and Communications.

The number of sick days has plummeted and morale is high. Cycling to work has created a strong sense of solidarity in the company and it rubs off on our passion for our work.

The company's barristers work at both the City Courts and the Supreme Court but don't expect to see suits flying away to important cases on racer bicycles. It's a bit impractial to ride with ten thick binders but we have also bought bikes our employees can borrow so they can easily go to meetings on a bike, says Merete Honoré.

The company's effort for better health and morale flows strong throughout the company. There is a new fitness room, healthy food on the menu in the cafeteria and the company offers voluntary fitness checks. The newest addition is a bike workshop.

We constantly work at keeping the whole show on the road, says Merete Honoré.

Via: Søndagsavisen.

Okay, it is actually possible to ride to and from the courts with SOME documents, as these two barristers are doing.

Here's a company bike from another Copenhagen law firm, parked outside the city courts.

Let's hope that the Danish press will wake up and smell the bicycle culture and start promoting cycling for what it is: safe, healthy, convenient, quick and enjoyable.

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