- Bicycle Culture by Design: London Bike Share Launch

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, announced London’s version of the Parisian Vélib’ bike share programme today. Maybe they’ll call it Londib’.“I pledged to deliver a cycling revolution across the city, and there is now a growing excitement about our cycle hire scheme, which will give all Londoners the opportunity to hop on a bike and experience the joys of cycling,” said Johnson.“Much like hailing a cab, people will be able to pick up one of 6,000 bikes, and zip around town to their heart’s content – not only a quick, easy, and healthy option, but one that will also make London a more liveable city.”

Here's an article about it from today's Guardian.

I follow Boris on Twitter. Not that exciting, but I'll never forget this tweet: "Got told off for riding a bike inside city hall. Sorry security!"Whatever you may think of Boris, a mayor that rides a bike - naughtily - inside city hall can't be all that bad.

And then there's this quote: "I have long held the view that a cyclised city is a civilised city, but if we are to get more Londoners on to two wheels rather than four we need to provide the facilities to help them do so," says Boris Johnson. Lord Mayor of London.

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