- Bicycle Culture by Design: Grocery Delivery By Bicycle

Thanks to a reader, Simon, for this little story. Waitrose is a supermarket chain in Britain, founded in 1904. They have about 200 stores in the UK and they have a well-developed delivery service if you buy your groceries online.

It turns out that they're starting [or rather, re-starting, since this used to be normal] delivering groceries by bicycle. Nice. They're not really shouting out about the fact on their website, but maybe it's early days.

Can our readers in Britain tell us if Waitrose are ahead of the pack regarding something like bicycle racks outside their shops? Considering the fact that cyclists make better shoppers, this might be a way forward if they're keen on CSR.

Now delivering groceries by bicycle is hardly new. Many places around the world feature this service.

Here's a news clip from Swiss tv about a service in Lausanne, featuring a Bullitt from Larry vs Harry.

It's in French, but pictures tell stories, too.

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