The Life-Sized City Blog: Copenhagenize at Velocity 2009 in Brussels is pleased to be attending the 15th Velo-City Conference in Brussels this year. If any of our readers are attending, do let me know.You’ll be able to find me at the City of Copenhagen stand at the conference where we’ll be ‘sharing space’. So if you’re up for a chat with an independent Danish bicycle advocacy org with a focus on promoting cycling positively [it’s a lonely job, but someone has to do it in Denmark] then come on by.The conference runs from May 12-15, 2009.

From the Velo-city website:

Velo-city is the world’s largest conference devoted to cycling. Cycling is a good, healthy, quick and environmentally-friendly means of transport and the meetings being held during the Velo-city conference will promote cycling as both a fun and functional means of getting around.

It’s hosted by the European Cyclists Federation [ECF]. Copenhagen will host a Velo-city Global Conference in 2010.

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