The Life-Sized City Blog: Rational Bicycle Frame Stickers

If you fancy advertising your freedom to choose whether or not to wear a helmet - and/or your freedom from fearmongering and emotional pornography - here’s a sticker from I figured that it was high time that those of us who feel secure in the traffic, ride safely and sensibly - not to mention those of us who have actually read the science - had the opportunity to take a sticker stance. The scare merchants get so much press, so this is a quiet little statement for the rest of us.

Actually, it's three stickers for the price of one. Not surprisingly, bicycle frame stickers are not standard on online print shops, so I use a bumper sticker template and you get to cut the stickers into three for placement on your bicycle. They're available from our little online shop.

Alternatively, you can choose the Danish text version, which I've made for our family's cargo bike. Oh so exotic and cosmopolitan.

There are some other general frame stickers available in the online shop as well, as well as all the rest of it.

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